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Welcome to mm to inches, our page about millimeters to inches to help you with the conversion from the metrical or decimal unit of length used in the International System of Units to the measurement commonly used in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada for example.

Here you will find all about mm to inch, including a converter and useful information.

If you have been searching for conversion mm to inches or mm to ″, then you are right here, too. 🙂

Throughout our website we also use the ” symbol to denote inches, and when you see mm, that’s the abbreviation for millimeter.

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Convert mm to inches

To convert mm to inches you have to divide the value in mm by 1 by 25.4.

The mm to inches formula is as follows: [in] = [mm] / 25.4. Thus, we get:

1 mm ≈ 0.03937 inches
1 millimeter = 5/127 inch

For example, to convert 3 mm to in you divide 3 by 25.4 and get 0.078740157480 inches.

Whilst the math is easy, there is an even more convenient way to change millimeter to inches: use our mm to inches calculator below.

Or head over to the sidebar of this page and enter the amount of mm you want to transform in the following syntax: x mm to ″.

In the result page you will find the conversion mm to inches you are looking for because we have already converted the most sought calculations.

Also in the sidebar you can see frequent conversions which might be useful to you.

About our mm to Inch converter

To use our mm to inch converter at the beginning of this page enter the amount in mm.

Ifyou need, you can enter a decimal point to denote fractions.

The result you will see is mm into inches, mm into feet, and millimeters converted into inches and feet together.

To conduct a new calculation press Reset.

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At this time of writing our tool can’t calculate mm to inches fractions, but we intend to add this extra soon.

The calculation from inches to mm can be found on our homepage.

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In the next paragraph you can not only find additional information about millimeters, but also how mm relates to feet and yards.

Millimeters to Inches

You already know all about millimeters to inches and the mm to inch conversion. One millimeter is exactly 5/127 inch.

Yet, we would like to bring to your attention that besides the American spelling people sometimes write millimetre, which is the international spelling employed by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures for example.

On the other hand there is only one symbol for millimetres: mm, always lowercase.

And we also have a rule of thumb for you:

One inch equals approximately 25 millimeters.

Our frequent conversions in this category include, for example:

About mm to Inches

We have created this page to help you with length or height conversion from the metric system to the corresponding imperial units.

Along these lines you can find mm in feet and yard right below.

Because one feet is 12 inches, and because one yard comprises of three feet, taking into account that 1,760 yards equal a mile we get:

1 mm in feet = 0.003280839895 ft
1 mm in yards = 0.001093613298 yd
1 mm in miles = 0.000000062137 mi

No matter what exact search term you have entered in your preferred search engine, by now you know enough about inches and millimeters to answer any question on the topic.

And what’s of likewise importance, you are in the position to change these units of height and length at your convenience be it for a concrete things like a bolt, a thread or a tube fitting just to name a few daily examples.

If you are interested in inches to mm, then check out our homepage.

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